18th of July 2019 10:44 AM Link
Our Selbornian FP boys making a difference for Mandela Day today 🇿🇦❤️
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15th of June 2019 08:13 PM Link
Take on the #selborneboredomchallenge and send a picture of one of the challenges to marketing@selborneprimary.co.za and we will post selected images here on our Facebook page.
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14th of June 2019 04:20 PM Link
One last cheer from our victorious U12s who returned unbeaten from the CPT rugby fest. Have a wonder holiday everyone 🎊
14th of June 2019 02:57 AM Link
Our u12 rugby team went on tour to the Western Cape and returned home unbeaten yesterday. Congratulations boys-we are incredibly proud of you! 😃🎊
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13th of June 2019 04:19 PM Link
The Grade 1 boys visited their Big Brothers at the College for the first time today. They had an amazing morning learning about the history of Selborne and enjoyed some fun activities.
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12th of June 2019 08:10 PM Link
Selborne Pride 🎩 🎶
12th of June 2019 08:10 PM
Great excitement among the FP boys as the u13 rugby team joined us for our warcry 🤩 #Selborne
23rd of May 2019 11:05 AM Link
Outdoor Education Day for the FP boys today, they so enjoyed being surrounded by nature while learning☀️🍃
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23rd of May 2019 06:54 AM Link
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17th of May 2019 07:31 PM Link
Congratulations to our Chess boys who won 7-5 vs Grey PE today 😀
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