3rd of September 2018 02:18 PM Link
Grade 7’s teaching their little Grade 1 brothers about digital citizenship
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29th of August 2018 05:16 PM Link
The Foundation Phase SACEE team enjoyed an afternoon of “Fun with Words” at Gonubie Primary today.
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27th of August 2018 03:04 PM Link
Selborne Tennis team won the overall trophy voted for by players, coaches and staff - for Sportsmanship, manners and overall good behavior on and off the court! 👊🏻 Best accolade a school could hope for.
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16th of August 2018 06:46 PM Link
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14th of August 2018 11:06 AM Link
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8th of August 2018 12:57 PM Link
Selborne is getting ready to scrum for cancer
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30th of July 2018 09:57 AM Link
Our grade 6's took part in an Oratory competition with our sister school, Clarendon, during our Interaction on Thursday 26 July. From the outset the competition was strong, with the speakers from both schools giving a fantastic display of their oratory ability. After some entertaining orals, ranging from "The science of being irritating" to "Speedos", a decision was made and the following boys received accolades for their efforts:

1st - Tre Gilbert
2nd - Matt Hartslief
3rd - Guy Fraser

All the competitors were commended by the adjudicators for the high standard of the speeches presented.
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28th of July 2018 11:36 AM Link
Selborne vs Queens Junior Results
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25th of July 2018 08:16 PM Link
Results: Selborne vs Stirling rugby
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