New Parents

 School Fee Payment Terms:


Annual Fee

Monthly Amount (Jan - Nov)

Per Term

One Son

R31 460

R2 860

R7 865

Two Sons

R61 347

R5 577

R15 337

Three Sons

R91 234

R8 294

R22 809

Four Sons

R121 121

R11 011

R30 280

Aftercare Payment Terms (no discount for siblings at Aftercare)


Per Annum

Per Term

Per Month (Jan - Nov)

Full Time

R8 300

R2 075


Part Time

R5 300

R1 325


Meals (Over and above fee) R1000 per Term payable in advance

Music Lessons Payment Terms:


Per Term

Music Lessons


Instrument Hire


Academic Support Centre Payment Terms:


Per Term





Additional fees NOT included above:

Please note that additional costs will be incurred per Grade and this will be communicated to you during the course of the year by means of a letter sent via your son.  For example, school outings, camps and tours.

Every boy in Grades 4 to 7 is required to pay an annual Go Guardian fee of R250-00. This will be reflected on your invoice. Go Guardian is a monitoring and management security system essential to all Chromebook users. 


Grade 1

07h30 – 12h30 Mon to Fri

Grade 2

07h30 – 13h15  Mon to Fri

Grade 3,

07h30 – 13h45, except on a Wed  school ends at 13h15

Grade 4 to 7

07h30 – 13h45 Mon to Fri


Please remember to swipe your MySchool Card when shopping at Maclears Wholesale Stationers or Waltons Bidvest!


  • Monami Retractable Wax Crayons
  • (12’s) Colleen Pencil Crayons
  • 8 x Staedtler HB Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Maped Double Hole Sharpener with Container
  • 4 x Pritt Glue Stick 22g
  • Scissors)
  • A4 20 Pocket Flip File
  • 4 x Whiteboard Marker
  • Ruler 30cm
  • A4 Whiteboard (No plastic frame
  • A4 PVC folder with press stud



  • 33cm Pencil Bag
  • 12 x Staedtler HB Pencil
  • (12’s) Colleen Pencil Crayons
  • Maped Double Hole Sharpener with Container
  • Ruler 30cm (no bendy and metal rulers allowed)
  • Scissors (medium)
  • 4 x Pritt Glue Stick 22g
  • Staedtler Eraser
  • Koki pens (optional)
  • Monami Retractable Wax Crayons
  • Basic 4-Function Calculator
  • 1 x 50 page flip file
  • 1 x 20 page flip file
  • 1 x whiteboard
  • 4 x white board markers
  • Board Eraser
  • NOYZ In-ear Earphones



  • 33cm Pencil Case (not a pencil bag)
  • 12 x Staedtler HB Pencil
  • (12’s) Colleen Pencil Crayons
  • Maped Double Hole Sharpener with Container
  • Staedtler Eraser
  • 30 cm Ruler (not the bendy ruler)
  • 1 Highlighter (any colour)
  • Basic 4-Function Calculator
  • Scissors
  • 4 x Pritt Glue Stick 43g
  • Permanent Marker
  • Monami Retractable Wax Crayons
  • Oxford English School Dictionary
  • Oxford English/Afrikaans Dictionary
  • 4 x A4 20 Pocket Flip File
  • 4 x A4 PVC Plastic Folder with press stud
  • A4 Whiteboard
  • Whiteboard marker
  • In- Ear Earphones
  • Board Eraser



  • Acer C730 Chromebook plus a Google License
  • 4 x Staedtler HB Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • 4 x Pritt Glue Stick 22g
  • Staedtler Eraser
  • (12’s / 24’s) Colleen Pencil Crayons
  • 33cm Pencil Bag
  • Basic 4-Function Calculator
  • 2 x Highlighters
  • Plastic “container” sharpener
  • 6 x A4 PVC Envelopes with press stud



  • Acer C730 Chromebook plus a Google License
  • 3 x Staedtler HB Pencil
  • Ruler 30cm
  • Scissors
  • 2 x Pritt Glue Stick 22g
  • Staedtler Eraser
  • A4 PVC Envelope with Press stud
  • 2 x Exam Pad
  • (12’s) Colleen Pencil Crayons
  • Basic 4-Function Calculator
  • Oxford English School Dictionary
  • Oxford English/Afrikaans Dictionary
  • Fineliner
  • Highlighter
  • Metal Single Hole Sharpener
  • 20 x page pocket flip file



  • Acer C730 Chromebook plus a Google License
  • 3 x Staedtler HB Pencils/or clutch pencil with HB lead
  • Ruler 30cm                                      
  • Scissors                                                         
  • 3 x Pritt Glue Stick 43g                                     
  • Good quality Eraser                             
  • 2 x A4 PVC Envelope with Press stud or zip             
  • 3 x Blue gel pens                                     
  • 1 x Red pen                                      
  • (12’s / 24’s) Pencil Crayons                                        
  • Pencil Bag                                      
  • 11 Piece Maths Set
  • Basic 4-Function Calculator: 12 digit                         
  • Oxford English School Dictionary                         
  • Oxford English/Afrikaans Dictionary: FAL Afr. students
  • Oxford English/Xhosa Dictionary: FAL Xhosa students
  • Fineliner – black                                     
  • 2 x Highlighters                                     
  • Good quality Sharpener with container for sharpenings
  • Artline 70 Permanent Marker bullet point
  • Correction Tape                                     
  • A4 20 Pocket Flip File
  • 3 x A4 Exam Pad
  • Coloured koki pens
  • Heavy duty plastic for covering of textbooks and books



  • Acer C730 Chromebook plus a Google License
  • 5 x Blue pens
  • 3 x HB pencils
  • Eraser
  • Sharpener
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Basic Maths Set
  • Kokis
  • Pencil crayons
  • 3 x Highlighters
  • Ruler
  • Fineliner – black
  • 3 x A4 Exam Pad
  • 1 large Lever Arch file




Selborne Primary offers the services of a multi-disciplinary support team. The Academic Support Centre is open to all boys who may require academic support. Areas of support include, but are not limited to:

  • Reading and comprehension
  • Language and vocabulary
  • Spelling and phonics
  • Maths

The Academic Support Centre is staffed by well trained and dedicated people who provide both academic and emotional support to the Selborne boys. Contact the School Secretary, with all your queries.


Conveniently situated in Salisbury Road and included on the campus alongside the Selborne Pre-Primary classrooms, the Stevens House Aftercare provides safe, structured and supervised care on either a half-day or full day basis. Half day is only available to Grades 00 - 2, from 12pm - 2pm. The full day option is available to all Grades. Space is limited to 245 boys.  Meal vouchers are available for those boys requiring lunch and are an additional cost as detailed under Fees.

On a daily basis, Grade 00 and 0 boys are collected from their respective Pre-Primary classrooms by Stevens House staff and are accompanied to the aftercare centre.  When the bell rings for the end of the day, Grade 1 and 2 boys go immediately to the Selborne Pre-Primary classrooms where staff oversee their homework at no additional cost. Upon completing their homework, the boys go next door to Stevens House. Grade 3 to 7 boys also make their own way to Stevens House where they use the centre as a base from which to attend extra-mural activities on campus and to get their homework done.

Stevens House has well-equipped indoor and outdoor play areas that keep the Selborne boys happily occupied until pick-up at 5pm.


The HUNGRY HOUND provides nutritional snacks and meals at affordable prices. Our meals are freshly prepared every day and includes a variety of options.  There is always a “meal of the day” which is particularly enjoyed by boys who have, for whatever reason, not brought along their lunch. Children with specific dietary requirements, such as vegetarians are also catered for by our team. Junk food and sugary drinks are restricted as our policy is to encourage healthy eating. There are however treats such as specially selected chocolates, chips, freshly made biscuits and popcorn.  As parents it is up to us to show our children a healthy lifestyle and we do our best to achieve just that!

Note that the Hungry Hound operates on a cash only basis - no credit is given. A detailed menu and price list is available on the D6 Communicator.

The Hungry Hound depends on volunteers to serve the boys during break and on special occasions such as Derby Days.  If you would like to volunteer your time, please email:


Selborne Primary is a Google School. This means that IT is not a stand-alone subject but is integrated into the classroom in a number of exciting ways using either tablets in Grades 1 to 3 or Chromebooks in Grades 4 to 7.  Security is of the utmost importance. For this reason Selborne Primary has a large number of internet security features in place that are strictly managed and monitored. Please be sure that you and your son read and understand the Selborne Primary Electronic Communication Standard which forms part of the application pack.


In accordance with the South African Schools Act (Act 94 of 1996) Selborne Primary upholds the constitutional rights of all citizens to freedom of religion.  Selbornians are encouraged to reflect and review the faith and the teachings of the Christian Church in the light of their own culture, beliefs and those of others. This is to encourage spiritual understanding within themselves and those around them.


Selborne Primary’s discipline policy hinges on a Code of Conduct and a Merit/Demerit System.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct has been formulated and adopted after consultation with the learners, educators and parent body. Learners are not exempt from complying with the Code of Conduct as the contents are in complete alignment with the SA School’s Ac

The “3 C’s” apply:


  • Take care of other people’s belongings. Respect others’ possessions.
  • Take care of the school buildings and belongings, e.g. library books, text books, desks, Chromebooks, garden, sport equipment, audio-visual equipment and boundary fences
  • Take care of the people around you, care for their safety. Treat others as you would like them to treat you.
  • Take care at the Scholar Patrol and obey the rules of the road.



  • Display good manners at all times. Remember “manners maketh the man”.
  • Be helpful to fellow pupils, teachers and welcome visitors to the school and classrooms, quietly, helpfully and politely.
  • Be honest at all times, even if it means being the odd one out.
  • Be sure to avoid foul language.
  • Be sure to spread happiness.
  • Be courteous to our cleaning staff and appreciate what they do for us.
  • Be a good sportsman. It is great to win but learn how to play the game and lose graciously.


  • Learn that littering causes extra work for someone else. Be sure to place rubbish in the bins.
  • Learn that there are areas where we play, away from, e.g. passages, around the hall, in the quads and around the library.
  • Learn to take pride in the way you dress, in your school work and in the sport or extra-mural activity in which you participate.
  • Learn to set academic goals for yourself. Always try to give of your best. 
  • Learn that there are other people also waiting to be served at the tuck shop. Learn to be patient and considerate. Learn to be mannerly to the people who serve you..
  • Learn that the change rooms are for changing, playgrounds for playing.
  • Learn to enjoy Assembly Times by listening and participating.
  • Learn to listen to listen to someone else’s point of view.
  • Learn to think before you act.

Merit/Demerit System

A Merit/Demerit will be given at the teacher’s discretion. Each Grade has a set policy and procedure in this regard specific to the age of the boys. This will be communicated to the boys during the orientation phase of their arrival in their new grades at the start the year.


5 Demerits = DETENTION



Serious Misconduct

More serious misconduct may lead to immediate detention or will be dealt with by the Headmaster.  If necessary, suspension and expulsion will follow the format laid down in the SA Schools’ Act 84 of 1996, Section 9.


Serious misconduct may be defined as to include the following:


  1. Continuous disrespect of the Code of Conduct
  2. Continuous use of foul and abusive language
  3. Theft
  4. Malicious damage of school property and/or property of educators and/or learners
  5. Disrespect for educators and/or peers
  6. Use of alcohol and/or drugs, including smoking
  7. Continuous neglect of school work
  8. Continuous abuse of the Electronic Communication Standard (internet policies)



Boys must secure permission from the Deputy Headmaster before bringing a cell phone onto the campus. The prime purpose of having a cellphone at school is for communication between boys, parents and/or another family member. For the protection of all at Selborne Primary, only bottom of the range cell phones are permitted. In other words, one that performs the basic functions, that of texting and calling. This also applies to sporting tours.




Every Selbornian is required to play one summer sport and one winter sport. Go to SPORT for more information.

Follow this link to our School Uniform page.
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