Academic Philosophy – Selborne Primary “ A different school of Thought”

Recognising that we are increasingly living in a Global Village, Selborne Primary has embraced changing the school environment to meet the needs of a changing world. It is for this reason that Selborne Primary positions itself as “a different school of thought.”  Selborne staff members acknowledge that our role  is to prepare children for a world that we in our wildest imagination can’t visualise. As educators our role has changed. In addition to the traditions and strengths of a “talk and chalk school”  Selborne Primary has systematically embedded technology in the classroom and curriculum. It is through this meshing of old and new teaching methodologies that we can nurture generations of creative, innovative and entrepreneurial problem solvers confident to make their way as young men in a fast paced world.

Using Google Apps for Education, Selborne boys are challenged in all aspects of the CAPS curriculum. Google Apps for Education is a suite of tools used widely by universities and tertiary institutions in South Africa and the rest of the world.  

Every Selborne boy from Grade 4 to 7 is required to have his own Chromebook which is used during homework and lessons on campus.  These laptop devices have not replaced the textbook, but have enhanced the teaching on several levels while also providing a highly engaging and stimulating portal of learning for boys. Selborne Primary is equipped with electronic boards and projectors from Grades  1 to 7. Selborne boys are also exposed to 3D printing, coding, CAD and Raspberry Pi extension work in the IT Lab. In an effort to mirror the growing trend worldwide towards collaboration in the work place, Selborne primary encourages boys to seek solutions and innovate through supervised collaborative work methodologies using resources at their disposal. The days of rote learning and reactionary instead of out the box thinking are fast becoming history.

This is not to say that traditional structures and tried and tested systems are absent.  The Selborne Primary academic year is divided into four terms. A weekly test timetable is followed. Ample opportunities for parents to meet with teachers to discuss their son’s progress at scheduled ‘meet-the-teacher conferences’ are provided and encouraged. An open door policy whereby any matter of academic concern can be raised at any time by parents. Examinations for Grade 4 to 7 are written twice a year in June and November.

The Selborne Primary staff fully subscribe to the School’s mission statement which is to ensure that every child is equipped mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually for life.  We provide a quality education for our boys and believe that each individual has their own potential.  As a parent-teacher partnership work together to give the best we can to all our boys.

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