A different school of thought

Welcome to Selborne Primary where the differences between individuals are recognized and each boy is celebrated for who they are. Teachers are focused to encourage each young boy to strive to be the very best he can be.

Selborne is a single gender, traditional boys school with a history dating back to 1872.  Through the many years of it's existence Selborne has striven to provide a nurturing environment where mind, body and soul are allowed to develop. Preparing young gentlemen for the rigors of life.

The school prides itself on encouraging participation on the part of parents and supporters.  A feeling of "family" is evident and the boys, educators and parents are deemed to be partners in the development of each individual.

The environment is competitive by nature yet there are many varied opportunities provided to satisfy each boys preferred interests.

The school motto "Palma Virtuti" Provides a daily reminder that there is a reward awaiting those who are brave and prepared to take risks, in the search of excellence.

May the "Black and White" continue to serve the young men of our city and prepare them for the future with all its challenges.

Palma Virtuti - “reward is to the brave”

JAMES SANDERS – Executive Director, Future Ready Schools, USA

“I have had a lot of education adventures over the past few years – spending time working with Google, working with the White House and President Obama, even starting my own company. And it’s safe to say that the teachers that you guys have there, at Selborne Primary, are incredible!”

VUYOKAZI SIDELO – Parent and Governor

“The future is actually now, it is not tomorrow and the sooner we embrace the future as a school and as parents at home, the better it will be for our children. I believe that at Selborne Primary our boys are ahead of the game and for me, as a parent, that is a great investment.”

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